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About the Builder

In 1996, Jon Kwiatkowski began his contracting career in the high alpine environment of Summit County, Colorado as High Country Framing.  In 2007, Jon came to New Hampshire to build for family, and in 2012 moved to NH full time. Structural integrity is a high priority in every project built. Jon is also a New Hampshire Licensed Septic Systems installer, and will sub-contract earth work, ICF Foundations, and Stone Masonry as well as Carpentry.


Some builders promise to build your dreams, High Life Building Company Inc. pledges to build you equity, what do you dream about? Value is getting what you've paid for, and then some, piece of mind. For project management jobs, we work on a cost plus basis, once a budget and scope is determined. That means you will see all time cards, material, and subcontractor invoices, and pay the exact price, plus a flat agreed upon percentage for management, similar to a realtor's fee. This allows you to make changes along the way to move the budget up, or down, as your needs may change during the process. You are in control of your spending!
High Life Building Company Inc. can manage the new construction of your home, commercial structure, or renovate and restore your existing one. We can provide start to finish project management. Design and plan drafting the structure are always included at no additional charge for residential. Charges apply for septic designs, and commercial structural engineering and architecture. Operating under 4MAX Construction Contracting Services, High Life Building Company Inc. provides subcontracting services in Structural Framing & Trim Carpentry, Excavation & Septic installs, ICF foundations, and Masonry on fixed price contracts, after award of the bid.


Requests for information (RFI'S) are a method of recording the numerous decisions made throughout the building process. They allow our clients and ourselves to have documentation about all previous decisions, so everyone is working with correct, and detailed information. In addition, periodic photo emails will be sent for long distance clients, so they can visually see the progress of the project.


There are two parts to our estimating process. The first is the Preliminary Estimate. This is a free estimate put together from progress plans, typically there can be a range of 10% associated with the Preliminary Estimate. The second estimate is the Proposal. The Proposal is the actual working budget for your project. This is put together over a period of weeks using the final building plans, detailed takeoffs, and actual sub-contractor bids. There is a fee associated with the Proposal of 1%, however, the fee is reimbursed by being applied to the first draw for payment after a build contract is signed.

Cost Codes are used for the different elements of the building. Each part of the process, from permits and plans, to the final clean up has its own code. In each draw you will see the original budget for that cost code, and where you are in relation to that budget. Each draw is sent either once, or twice a month, depending on the lender, and will present a complete financial picture of the project, with details down to the penny in every cost code. In addition, you will receive copies of every time card, invoice, and receipt, so that you are always in control of the financial aspect of your project.

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